Who we are

My name is Justine. I’m french, with mediterranean roots. I was raised in the french countryside, in a family where music was the main topic of education. Both Classic and Jazz. I play the violin, the guitare, sing and write since I’m 5 years old.

I came in Paris after I graduated from school, and I started to work pretty young, at 21 years old, as a stylist and image consultant for french fashion magazines and french artists.

I’ve always felt happy in Paris, but also quite different, like an indian in the city sometimes. In need of green grass and moss, silence and wind, wood and minerals. 

Fate was going to take care of that necessity.

A bit more than 10 years ago, I met a half Finnish-half French man. The love of my life. We’ve been living between France and the Finland since then. More precisely between Paris and the Finnish forest. We bought a mökki, a wooden cabin, lost in the middle of the forest, by a lake. With no electricity and no water system. A sauna to wash and Nature to admire. And everything started from here. I began to write a lot of music first, when my son was born. Then my perspective about Work and Time began to move and to change forever. My creative process, my references changed. My designs turned out to be a better reflection of myself. I realized that our way of life, our beliefs, and the happiness that we found in this balance, with our 2 children, was more inspiring than anything else. That what people find original, is a treasure that I am now ready to share through my designs. 

With love,


Justine Thomas